Are data scientist jobs competitive?

Are data scientist jobs competitive?

ED Edurelearning asked on 27 May 2019, 09:01
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I think they really are! what do you thing ?


It’s not been too long since the introduction of Data Science in the real-world industries, and you may not be surprised to find out that data has become a fundamental part of our everyday life; be it our shopping behavior, our watch list preferences or our interests, its all data that being produced through each google search, shopping list or picking the trends; which means that this field just begins to unfold its potentials yet the world is already turning into a digital era with massive production of Data. In simple words, in this data producing world the field of Data Science seeks skilled professionals to tame the large size data produced around the world in every minute, in every single seconds.

Well, to be a data scientist, it is much trickier than it looks! On one side, there is a huge demand for a Data Scientist that is, the annual requirement of Data Scientist has grown from 15% to 28% outlining over 364,000 job openings worldwide by 2020. While on the other hand, there is quite a shortage of skilled professionals globally, which triggers the point that there may be many data scientist but there is a huge competition among the skilled data analyst as the demand for Data scientist is not just escalating in start-ups but also in MNCs rapidly; you can even say that there is a global competition among the industries to hire the finest data scientist/analyst to stay ahead of the competition!

In such a competitive scenario, how you will remain ahead of the curve? Well, it is a question to ponder if you want a successful, bright career in the Data science field! Let us help you end your dilemma. Around 88% of scientists have at least Post Graduation degree and around 46% of professionals have PhDs. So, in short, the competition is tough until you will build a strong educational background in Computer science, Social Science, Physical Science and Statistics. Moreover, qualification is the most important and basic requirement that you need to start your career in this field literally, you can even consider it as your first step or founding step towards building a bright career. Well, with the second step you can stay ahead of the competition; polish your skills and sharpen your knowledge with a few nano-degree programs that will help you to stay ahead of the curve with the changing trends in the industries. So if you are ambitious about a career in Data Science then start building a strong education background.

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