Is Django still good?

Is Django still good for Web Development

ED Edurelearning asked on 03 May 2019, 10:58
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As of now, we know that Python is reshaping the scope of tomorrow in this AI driven world, and we are also certain about the one thing that it is going to be ‘the next big thing’ in the years ahead, well the same goes for ‘Django’! Alike Python, Django has become one of the major web development framework that is being used today by developers worldwide. Basically, choosing a framework for the web development is not a big deal but when it comes to delivering high-performance we can’t just simply choose any random frameworks, because each one is designed uniquely based on different usage and unalike scenarios. One such web development tool is Django, which has recently gained popularity for not just being a framework of Python, but also for being a simple yet powerful and fast web development tool. For many developers, Djanko has become an easy choice for its features like simplicity and persistence. But you might be wondering ‘why is that when there are quite few frameworks in the market designed to address different need and yet Django becomes the most favored web development too!’ Well, the answer is simple, it is one of the best web developer tools that designed to offer better readability, provide an administration interface and it has uniquely build libraries and templates to boost flexibility. To give you a deeper insight on the Django, let’s break down its features:

  • It is simple, fast, scalable and reliable
  • Django is basically a Pythons’ open-source framework designed to develop backend applications of any size and capacity, be it a simple website or a high-load website you can easily handle the project development of any nature. Along with being the fastest tool, it is also a cross-platform framework, which will enable you to work on different OS like Mac, Linux, PC and more. Moreover, Django offers a simple readable syntax, along with other features like MVC, ORM, HTTP libraries and so much more.

    2. Promises high security

    Another remarkable feature that Django has is its security system, it is one of the first framework to acknowledge vulnerabilities and also allow developers to address different security issues like click jacking, cross-site scripting, SQL injection, cross-site request forgery and much more.

    3. Libraries, templates and interface

    Django help developers by boosting the development process through its full stack self-contained reusable libraries. As well, it has an admin panel and self-named functions and components like ‘VIEWS’, ‘CRUD’ and ‘DRY’, which will let developers to work seamlessly without any repetition of the wheel and reuse the existing code.

    Even Django is used by many major companies world wide like Pinterest, Instagram, Udemy, Mozilla Firefox, NASA, The Washington Post and so many more. Thus, Django becomes an apt tool to develop application of any nature, be it a large scale project or a small scale project, or a heavy load web application or be it a simple one, Django can fit itself anywhere perfectly. So if you are looking for a framework like Django and want to learn this framework then log in to Edure for more info on the training course and programs.

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