What is the best iPhone app?

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What is the best iPhone app?
MA Marilyngonzales19 asked on 31 December 2018, 14:24
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iPhone is that ocean having awesome apps which takes us to the next level of entertainment.The usefulness of these apps in our daily life makes it special for app lovers

Here i have listed some of the best iPhone apps (Mainly productivity perspective)


myBantu.com : One of the Smartest online feature which works as users personal assistant serving in the fields of Movie ticket bookingShoppingDining reservation, and most importantly Local search. This app is mainly specialized because of its ability to give personalized recommendations to the users needs and reducing the users effort by filtering large data and giving only Relevant recommendations. Best part of myBantu.com is that its socializing feature where people share, ask and recommend needs to each other. This awesome app is now available in iPhone. 


Apple's remote app for iOS devices could come in extremely handy when you don't want to manually shuffle songs in iTunes on your computer again and 

again. You could use it on occasions like a party at home, to quickly 

change music. Here's a detailed guide on remote controlling iTunes using the iPhone Remote app. If you have Apple TV, you can use your iPhone as the remote to access your iTunes account on your TV.


Finally, we've got Jott for iPhone that can quickly convert voice to text. You can send emails, take notes, post to Twitter and do much more, all using your voice. There aremany more features that you'll come to know once you start using the app.


Don't you feel frustrated when you are kept waiting for a long time in the 

call queue of a customer service department? Who wants to hold that 

long, right? Well, get Lucyphone on your iPhone and get rid of that problem. You just need to give them a number to call you back on. The app will do that when it can get a customer service rep on the call. Cool, isn't it?


Bump is one of the most innovative tools I've ever come across. If you are 

at a conference or a party, and want to share stuff like your contact 

details or photos with someone there who also has an iPhone, then using 

this app you could just bump your phones together and the sharing is 

taken care of. Cool and easy


There are now hundreds of thousands of apps available for your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus,iPod touch and iPad, and, surprisingly, many of the best are free.The followinglist iPhone apps, and includes iPhone applications for

social networking, travel, news, photography, productivity and more.

Now I will tell you the best apps for iphone are:-


The world's biggest social network brings a tightly honed experience to the iPhone

and iPod touch, but nonetheless still enables you to access your contacts,

feeds and other important information. This sense of focus makes it in many

ways superior to using Facebook in a desktop browser.


We did a bit of a double-take on seeing Microsoft's name attached to this, not least

given the lack of a price-tag. But PhotoSynth is a really great panorama app it

is user-friendly and fun to use, especially when watching your panoramas take

shape while you capture them.


The prospect of Nike+ but better and for free mightsound unlikely, but that is

what RunKeeper provides. Previously split into 'pro' and 'free' versions, the

developer now generously includes all the features in one free app.

LinkedIn Pulse

RSS has a reputation for being a rather drytechnology, feeding you dull lists of

headlines.Pulse flips RSS on its head, providing streams of feeds that grab

your eye with photographs. It's perhaps not for the hardcore RSS crowd, but if

you follow a small number of feeds, it is a great choice.


Plenty of apps exist for transferring content between your computer and your device, but Dropbox is free and easier to usethan most of its contemporaries. Dump files

you want to sync in a folder on your computer and Dropbox for your device will

enable you to access them, download them for offline viewing.

These are the best apps for iphone.

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Answered 9 months ago (Edited 9 months ago)

Well this one is tough to answer since there are tons of categories with really brilliantly made apps. One best app is really really tough to decide upon! 

So rather than giving you just one app that fits every aspect, it would be rather wise to mention some of the best in certain categories.

Save it later apps:

Pocket - it is brilliant with its minimalist UI & the entire universe of apps that have strong integration with it. With certain in app purchases, you can get offline goodies as well!


Other mentions: Instapaper.

Cloud computing:

Dropbox - hands down, this app has been the best out there for quite a some time now. Similar to 'Pocket', almost every other app has a native integration with dropbox to save your files on the cloud. With more friend recommendations, you get an additional 500 MB of space as well! It suits best even for power users.


Other mentions: One drive, Google drive, Box.

To do list apps:

Clear - this is my personal favorite. It is insanely simple to use & has a great UI. However, it should be noted that it is nothing more than a to-do app. So if you want to set geo tagging or share lists with friends, this is not for the task.


Other mentions: Omnifocus 2 is perhaps the best & the most comprehensive to do app available on the App Store. But it is also quite detailed, so might be difficult for the normal user to setup & use. Any.do, Weave are good as well.

Data transfer:

Pushbullet - although this app is relatively new, it has gained a good mention in all spheres. With just a tap you can share images, notes, addresses, links to & fro with your PC (just download the client for chrome/Firefox or windows) or with your friends. In many ways, it's a substitute for iOS 7's Airdrop functionality.


Other mentions: pushover.

Notations & markups:

Skitch - this app from the Evernote team is undoubtedly the best app for notations & markups. Syncs with your evernote account as well! 


Note taking:

Evernote - this app has become the default app for many of the users all over the word for note taking. With premium features like PDF markups, business card scanning & additional space for syncing your files, it suits best for those seeking a real good app for note taking. You can create stacks of notes, add audio clips, geo tag & even set reminders! Plus, it is now getting good integration with most apps as well! You can use it over the web as well as be more creative with its web clipper extensions for chrome/Firefox!


Other mentions: Notability

Crowdsourcing apps:

Quora - since you are using already Quora, I don't think that needs any further explanation! 

Other mentions: 'Jelly'. It is a byte sized approach for Q&A, that's best suited for daily tasks rather than a comprehensive answer. You can send location based questions, use markups in images to ask more precisely or just simply tap in whatever you feel like asking. It connects to your social network accounts & directs the questions to the right audience (most of the times!).



Wally - although there are a ton of apps which even actually function better than wally, this happens to be my what's my favorite. It is simple, neat and very easy to use. It also uses geo tagging & scanning receipts (though this is still in beta) so that most of the work is done by the app itself. There is no hassle for adding your credit or debit card info neither does the app save anything on their servers, so that privacy is given top priority. Plus, you can track your monthly income & set thresholds for monthly savings as well! 


Other mentions: Spendee, Pocket expense, iExpense diary, My Universe.

Productivity apps:

Scanner Pro (by readdle) - it is the best document scanner available on the App Store. Don't look any further than this. 


Other mentions: Scanbot

Printer Pro (by readdle) - for most of the printers that lack AirPrint functionality, this app fills that gap. Compatible with almost all printers (mind that!) it serves best for printing purposes. 


Amount - for an app that's so light in size & yet features tons of categories to choose from, this is the best app that I have come across. You start by adding in a number (the numeric keypad also doubles up as a calculator!) rather than selecting a unit category & then proceed for the conversion. It's simply beautiful. Unit & currency conversion has never been so simple.


Personalized feed:

Flipboard - this again happens to be my personal favorite. There are tons of apps that can pull data from your personal likes but none are as beautiful as Filpboard. You can save your own magazines & even let others read them or else simple follow collections or people that share same tastes. 


Other mentions: Feedly, Zite (acquired by flipboard), Pulse, Reddit, StumbleUpon.

Nearby findings or search apps:

Localscope - this is the most brilliant app that I have used on my iOS device. It integrates searches from all the top engines like Google, Foursquare, Yelp, Zomato, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, Wikimapia, Flickr, Instagram etc!! Just tap in anything you want, say medical stores or coffee or restaurants & bang! You get curated results! 


Other mentions: all of the above individual apps integrated into Localscope! 

Just dial (for india) , around me.


Soundcloud, Tune in radio , Spotify, Pandora, iTunes radio (depending on your location & availability of app)

These are simply the best music apps for getting your curated music playing in the background! 


Vine - if you don't know about this app, then you are missing something. It's a fun way to loop videos & enjoy them for a great time! 


Vodio - If you don't prefer YouTube for its humongous content & want something sorted out, this is the app to go for! It has pre set categories that you can chose from & enjoy watching


Other mentions: '5by' by StumbleUpon team.

Creative To do:

Pinterest - like something over the web, pin it to your board so that you never miss out! Plus you can follow people & their projects as well! 


Snapguide - this is other app that has a great community. Request any simple DIY like cleaning your car wipers & you'll have someone with a solution! 


Collaborative working apps:

Trello - this is a great app to keep tab with your colleagues working on the same project. You can attach files, create voting meters, add a check list etc all in one place! And best of all, it can be accessed over the web as well!


Other mentions: Basecamp, Asana.

Internet of things.

IFTTT - there is possibly no other app (atleast that I know) that can make the internet work for you so efficiently! Just create a 'If this--- then that---- recipe' & watch the magic that unfolds! Or simply you can browse through those numerous user uploaded recipes & get going! For those seeking automation & hassle free work in tasks, this is the must have app on your device.



Duolingo - want to learn a new language, look no further than this service. It's app is beautifully designed as is the website experience. The 'gaming' like experience created while learning a new language is what sets it apart from all other apps that have tried a hand at it.


Kick starter - if you are one of those with creative ideas & are looking a way to fund your work, this is the app to have. The kick starter community works in a very different manner asking people to back ideas that they think would materialize & get rewarded in some form later, of course if the project succeeds.


AirBnB - for frequent travelers, this is a great service you can make you use of. Rather than staying at a hotel, why not stay at a local place like a rented apartment or a bungalow or even a tree house? With its new refreshed design, it'll wow you the moment you use it & the you'll surely enjoy service as well.


P.S : I have been an iPhone user for the past 2 years & love to experiment with apps. All the above mentioned apps are according to my personal taste (I still use all of them) & individual choices might vary.

Some of them are paid apps & I recommend to download 'appsgonefree' to check for availability when they go free! Or simply I use an IFTTT recipe to notify you when top apps go for sale! My response does not even include 1% of the apps that are available on the AppStore, however, I've randomly tried to include whatever apps that I have known, used & genuinely found useful. I have included the next best options for suggested apps in the section 'other mentions'. This too can vary depending on individual choices.