What is the future of iOS?

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iPhone is a brand power. So the brain behind that power will be a super brand power. This is iOS. In 2017 July it was estimated that there are 1 billion iOS devices active; this will increase by millions in years to come which shows the ever increasing steady rise in the demand and popularity of this operating system. This information throws light on the importance of iOS training and choosing a best institute for iOS training.

Benefits for students in iOS training in Kerala

· The immense job opportunity in Technopark

· Direct recruitment support to iOS developers based on skill from institutes like e-vision labs .

· Prerequisite for training is just the knowledge of basic concepts of programming language which too is for the better understanding of concepts.

· Btech in computer science, Bsc computer science and BCA students can learn iOS application development easily since they have a history with the object oriented programming concepts .

Future scope of iOS

Technology is ever changing and evolving. The mating between hardware and software is optimal. iOS development has a bright future. Every existing major application was introduced for the first time was on App Store. This is still the trend.

The advancement introduced for enhancement of human life is directly or indirectly related to the mobile world. The dominant mobile operating system being iOS, iPhone gets the first hand involvement in this. Like any idea proposed for digital hardware is given to apple for recognition to get it incorporated in the iPhone.

For example the new Wi-Fi enabled television is configured in such a way that it can be controlled by an iPhone. This show Apples value in quality and as a brand power.

· iOS is the most preferred platform where most of the Internet of Things (IOT) get complete compatibility and support.

· Ultra modern home automation apps are getting developed using iOS only.

· AI-Artificial intelligence- improving the existing technology of Siri, voice recognition and fingerprint scanner and many more new concepts in iPhone incorporating AI.

Future of iOS developers

The world has an insatiable appetite for new and better apps. Developers have numerous chances to exhibit their skill by developing interesting and innovative apps that run on iOS. With the growing popularity of iPhones, iPads and iPods and the appetite for new apps, we can expect a steady demand for iOS developers who can work some magic when it comes to developing apps.

Even though there will be rise of job opportunities in future the actual problem faced by the industry is the demand for skilled professionals. For more about skill gap visit: Skill gap .

Get the best iOS training from institute like e-vision labs which gives a deep dive into creating apps using the iOS platform, and powers millions of Apple devices. The course starts with Objective C and covers advanced topics in the iOS App Development arena, finally diving into Swift language.


The future of iOS is to be the dominant mobile OS as it is now.

As you can see, Apple has more than 90% of all profits of all hardware manufacturers. Apple App Store has at least 50% more revenues than Google Play. Even Google itself earns at least 70% of its mobile money from iOS. Nearly every app is released for iOS first unless iOS has some specific safety requirements which would make it impossible to run.

Very good for a dying system indeed. Everybody would wish to be in such a bad health I guess.

Clearly as people from India and developing countries are coming to the smartphone world iOS share will continue to decrease. But most of those people will never buy any app, and advertisers won’t pay more than 0.01$ for their clicks. So iOS doesn’t lose share of people that are actually of some value to developers.


Hi there!

The market share is a story discussed several times, I will make a summary:

iOS has a lower percentage of the market because it’s a premium brand. All exclusive things have a lower market share, that doesn’t mean it had 100% and got rejected down to 18%. Besides that, the platform wins at earnings and most important, active users. [1]

Also, my opinion regarding its future:

iOS will always have a future, even it will not be under the name of Apple.

It is true that Apple has some cattle-fans, sheeps that follow others, but most of us are people who feel affinity for the platform.

Apple represents a different mentality. It represent simplicity, elegance and modern trends. Some people put those values over the ones offered by other platforms (performance or operability).

Every change that Apple makes is not random, if you feel that something any of their change doesn’t fit your needs, in my opinion you don’t embrace their vision.

Removing the USB port in the new Macbook…

Of course we will have problems transferring files through USB, but is it really bad?

No. It’s all about pushing a new wave of modern trends, a new age where people commute and need portability (new cool jobs like: Freelancers and Digital nomads) instead of operability (tweaking or playing games).

Yes, this is the word: cool. Apple promotes cool stuff. I would classify the products as suitable for guys like: actors, entrepreneurs, freelancers, developers, graphic designer, artists. Do you see something different in these kind of people rather than: scientists, engineers (that’s me), drivers etc?

Transferring files through USB is ok, but we should probably change for 2016, when we have the Cloud.

Some of us might not feel these things. We will see that our needs are not fulfilled, not that we don’t keep up with the trend. But some of us maybe don’t want to keep up with the trend! That’s perfectly normal.

Apple is for those who seek this new trend, not to brag, but because they see how technology simplifies their life. How technology can make work life better and more beautiful (iOS Development now beautiful with Swift).

In conclusion, if Apple will disappear, some will take initiative to revive it.

Some kind of Apple and some kind of Android must and will continue to coexist, because they represent different kind of mentalities.