Which are the best free Android apps one must have?

ME Melanie_hayes60 asked on 31 December 2018, 16:41
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Here is the list.

  • Pushbullet - Send files from your computer to mobile phone & vice-versa. It displays all your phone's notifications on your computer.
  • ES File Explorer - The best file manager available for Android. It has all the necessary features a file manager application should have.
  • Pocket - The application can save articles for you, so that you can read them later offline. The reading experience of the application is very good and clutter free.
  • News Republic - If you want the best available news application then go for News Republic.
  • TapDeck - It has a huge collection of wallpapers for your phone. Double tap on the home screen changes the wallpaper.
  • Feather Quotes - It is an application for those who love to read quotes. It has a hand picked collection of quotes from many great authors & the user interface has been designed for good readability for readers.
  • SeriesGuide - If you watch hollywood movies and tv series, then this application is for you.
  • SHAREit - This application is best for sharing files across devices at a higher speed rate. It takes advantage of WiFi Direct technology and transfers files at very good speed. It doesn't uses Bluetooth for file transfer.
  • Quora - The best question answer service available today.
  • Evernote - An application for taking notes. All the notes are stored in the cloud and can be accessed on multiple devices.
  • Greenify - It is a very useful application that can let you put apps to sleep. There are a lot of applications that are running in background eating your memory, battery, and network data. Use Greenify to put such apps to sleep.
  • SwiftKey Keyboard - By far the best keyboard application available for Android.
  • Truecaller - Prevent yourself from picking up unwanted calls by using this application.
  • UC Browser - This browser app is seriously the fastest browser app available on Android. I recommend it over Google Chrome.