Will Android software ever reach the same level of security as iOS?

BA Barry_hunt51 asked on 31 December 2018, 14:51
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The straight forward answer will be “No”. Because iPhone only allow those apps which are from its own store. Also they check the apps for any malicious files & have many top developers in contrast to android where we have much quantity but quality is not worthy in many cases in term of security.



One. It is not in the best interest of Google. They need a platform that isn’t locked down and programs can communicate with each other to interchange data freely to better target ads.

Second. Android is just an OS. You need hardware and software to enforce hardware encryption. Google might suggest that hardware needs to be encrypted but it would raise costs to the already narrow margins phone makers get in developing countries like India. So they would not be inclined to do that. Other countries like China would fork their own version of “Android” to bypass the extra security.

Regarding comments about viruses… Android Apps are not signed and encrypted like iOS. So it is far easier to get viruses from them. But really. It is just to annoy. A regular app can get all the information from the user and access the user’s text messages, phone calls, and so on just by requiring those permissions. iOS each app is signed/encrypted with a developer private key that is is easy to detect and take down if it “misbehaves” and it has a manual process to detect those attempts. Besides each app run on its own sandbox making it impossible to communicate with third party apps if its not by those apps APIs like twitter and Dropbox and they tend to limit the amount of personal information they give.