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Design (as a verb: to design) is the intentional creation of a plan or specification for the construction of an object or system or for the implementation of an activity or process.

Design (as a noun: a design) can refer to such a plan or specification (e.g. a drawing or other document) or to the created object, etc., and features of it such as aesthetic, functional, economic or socio-political.

The process of creating a design can be brief (a quick sketch) or lengthy and complicated, involving considerable research, negotiation, reflection, modelling, interactive adjustment and re-design. In some cases, the direct construction of an object without an explicit prior plan (such as in craftwork and some engineering, coding, and graphic design) is also considered to be a design activity.

Design can have different connotations in different fields of application (see design disciplines below).

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KE Keduopfezo asked on 30 April 2021, 04:52
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How to block delete function for user?

AM Amit21 asked on 29 August 2019, 11:53
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Can I add user field ?

Can I add user field in profile of user
AM Amit asked on 29 August 2019, 10:04
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Is it working ?

Just asking to know if this script works well ??
KE Kevid1 asked on 31 May 2019, 09:43
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Can I follow people here?

Would be cool if I could follow people like on Quora.
HA Happeno asked on 03 February 2019, 17:19
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Wwhat is not programming ?

Fuck u
Wwhat is not programming ?
AI Aitidar asked on 01 February 2019, 18:44
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